IBG precision brushing rollers

We can supply precision brushing rollers with a
complete covering of individual bristles and with brush
contours in all lengths and diameters. The longest
brushing roller we have supplied to date was fitted
with a brush carrier over 7 metres in length.

A distinctive feature of the "full-body" bristle
covering system is that every bristle is individually
set in the bristle carrier, i.e. neither in tufts nor
in hairpin form. This results in an absolutely uniform,
stripe-free brushing pattern, as required for pile
orientation in velour carpeting, for example.

Furthermore, when this type of brushing roller is used for washing or cleaning purposes, the resultant brushed surface is ultra-clean. Variable bristle densities and bristle heights, as well as the appropriate bristle thickness and grade, make it possible to meet the requirements of any application.

The use of IBG precision brushing rollers
with exchangeable tuft elements eliminates
the downtime caused through fitting a new
bristle carrier. Should this type of brushing
roller be required for "wet" applications,
anti-corrosion protection can be assured by
selecting either a galvanised or a
stainless steel roller core.